Monday, October 2, 2017


Suspiria was recommended to me because it reminded someone of a short story I wrote. Having never seen it, I watched the film. After watching, I can honestly say, I don't know what to make of it. It's classic horror (1977). Directed by Dario Argento, it's now considered a cinematic masterpiece, despite being ripped apart when it was first released in theaters. The writer-director, Argento, was praised for his use of colors and sounds to create a truly unique and suspenseful setting--a fact he believes will be lost in the upcoming remake starring Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades of Grey).

 The story follows an American student (Suzi) accepted into a prestigious German dance school plagued by mysterious disappearances and deaths. Upon her arrival, she finds another student in distress--the student later turns up dead. Suszi finds herself plagued by sudden illness, and when her friend Sara begins telling her of strange noises in the school (amidst creepy events like maggots in the attic), Suzi is half-interested, until Sara turns up dead and the school tries to cover it up.

 It's hard to pinpoint what's right or wrong about this film. It's certainly suspenseful with enough creepiness going on. My main grievances concerns what I see as the disconnected creepy scenes. Each scene is creepy and well-shot in itself, but seemingly does not aid the plot. Consider the blind man plot. It happens out of nowhere and seemingly for no reason. Consider the mother of whispers (the big bad evil) sleeping behind the girls for no reason at all, and what did Suzi do to be hated so?

And how convenient that a girl should be yelling out in the middle of the night, to the no one in particular, the location of a secret door in the school ... a location Suzi just happens to hear upon her arrival and recalls perfectly weeks later when she needs it.This movie's scenes should be treated like vignettes--independent but masterly done scenes of horror.

 Don't get me wrong, I like Suspiria, and would recommend it for its creepy/eeriness, but if you're looking for scenes that contribute to the plot, or a film that explains the "Big Evil's" powers/motives, then this is not it.